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3 Tips on How to Avoid Losing Your Computers Data

3 Tips on How to Avoid Losing Your Computers Data

The reality of owning a computer comes with its technical issues from time to time. Have you taken the necessary steps to protect your data from a computer crash?

computer repair and data backup

computer repair and data backup

According to an article at thoughtsoninternetmarketing.com, the question you need to ask yourself before its too late is “Is My Computer Properly Backed Up?”

It’s not a matter of If, it’s a matter of when. This pessimistic statement is the reality of owning a computer or technical device. Before your computer, tablet, phone, or other devise crashes, you need to ask yourself where is my information saved and how do I get it back? If you are one of the millions of people that think your devise will do the thinking and saving for you, you will be in distress when a crash happens. A properly backed up machine will save you time and money. Here are a couple different ways to protect your data.

1. Make sure you copy and back up your files.

The most avoidable problem when you work with computers is the loss of files because you have not copied/backed them up in an organized, consistent fashion. Files we are talking about are Documents, Music, Videos, Pictures, Downloads. This must be done completely and regularly, not intermittently, casually, or whenever you get around to it. Instead, as I write articles like these, I make a copy of each paragraph as I write to my computer and to an external hard drive. What do you back up too? There are multiple ways to back up your data, such as using an external hard drive that plugs into your computer, a NAS (network attached storage), a thumb/USB drive, DVD/CD, a SD memory card. I will list the pros and cons of each in a future blog. Remember to write is silver; but to copy is gold.

2. Make a complete image back up of your hard drive

There are programs out like Time Machine, Acronis, Norton Ghost, etc. that will make an image of your entire hard drive. There are 2 ways of doing this. 1. Load your Operating system, programs, and updates to your computer then make an image back up. 2. Load your Operating System, programs, and updates, then have one of the above programs backup an image every time there is an addition or change to your computer. Also known as incremental backup. If your drive gets a virus and needs to be formatted all we need to install is the image backup. No more loading every program by hand. These image files are quite large and take up a fair amount of space. Make sure the backup devise has enough memory.

3. Print out details of key data you will need, when (not if) your computer crashes.

For instance, I have in my computer a list of vital telephone numbers. That’s just the thing you’ll need when your computer or phone crashes. Make sure to print out a copy, from time to time, to have it readily available with the most current details.

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