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Do you have the right internet connection?

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Your internet connection is dependent on your internet provider’s reliability. Just like cell phones, they too have strong areas and weak areas. Just because you are getting a good deal on your internet connection doesn’t mean you are saving money. Between bandwidth fluctuations, latency, and down time, your company could be losing revenue and production. For example: Say you are paying $60/month for your internet connection. If your internet has a down time of 2 hours/month, and you have 3 employees making $20/hour that need internet for their job duties, then your monthly down time cost is $120, which means $60/month is being spent unnecessarily. What often goes unnoticed and untested is internet latency. Simply, latency is the lag or delay in the sending of your information to its destination. The faster the delay, or latency, the faster the connection. Don’t confuse latency with bandwidth. Bandwidth is the capacity of information being sent. Simply, it is how much data is being sent per second. For example: bits per second (b/s), kilobits per second (Kb/s), or megabits per second (Mb/s).  So if you have bad latency and high bandwidth, your internet connection could be deterring profits and production as well.

In realistic terms, your company’s internet connection needs must be determined accurately (how much data is being sent and downloaded per day) so the right internet package can be determined from the internet service provider. Ultimately technology should be saving you money and knowing the little hidden ways can save you lots of it.

Do you have the right internet connection?
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