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How to Increase Security with Modern Advantages of an IP Surveillance System in Reno

surveillance camera computerHow to Increase Security with Modern Advantages of an IP Surveillance System in Reno

Are you using an outdated video surveillance system? Does your home or business security system still require you to change video surveillance tapes?  Upgrading to an IP surveillance system with today’s modern features you’ll be rest assured that your business, home, or other establishment will benefit from the advantages of a top-notch security system.  Interested in getting all of the advantages of an IP surveillance system?  This article is referenced from thisdaylive.com, “Internet Protocol Surveillance System”

In today’s world, surveillance cameras may be the smart solution to security issues as unsavory individuals use more sophisticated methods in carrying out there illicit plans. More people are turning to video surveillance to help identify threats and monitor events that can be streamed to their computer, tablet, or phone in real time. In today’s article we will analyze the advantage of Internet Protocol Surveillance equipment and how implementing it can proffer solutions in a home, business, or other establishment.

An IP camera can receive information and send high resolution video footage over an internet network. This allows users to view, record, store, and manage their video surveillance images either locally or remotely over an internet network. Compared to traditional analog security cameras, IP cameras have their advantages, ease of installation, higher video resolution, and until recently cost to name a few. Compared to analog CCTV (closed circuit television), IP cameras do not need to be converted to a digital format and one CAT 5 cable can supply the video, receive instructions, and power the camera. Along with streaming video footage, network cameras can include a number of additional functionalities. Some functions include pan/tilt/zoom operation, motion detection, audio surveillance, integration with alarms and other security systems, automated alerts, intelligent video analytics, and much more. Many IP cameras can also send multiple streams of video, using different compression technologies for live viewing and archiving.

IP cameras offer flexible installation, ease of use, higher-quality images, stability, and scalability as new cameras can be added to the network at any time. Being able to view and control your cameras, where ever there is an internet connection, will give you piece of mind knowing your business or personal property is covered.” To read the entire article click here.

HiTech Consulting can help you determine your IP surveillance needs in Reno. For more information contact HiTech Consulting at 775-624-3630 or visit hitechconsultingllc.net.

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