Hard Drive Formatting for Virus Control

To format or not to format.Is it necessary to format your hard drive if your computer gets infected with a virus? The answer is most of the time.  There is software that is designed to pull all the pieces of the virus out, but there are times the virus can self morph when your computer connects back to the internet. At this point you have to pay your computer guy another visit. The only true way to eradicate an invasive virus is by doing a low level format that can do multiple passes changing from 1’s and 0’s. Yes, we have to reload all your software, however, with some simple new habits this can be done fairly quick. 1. Make sure all your information, such as documents, music, photos, videos, is backed up to an external hard drive, network drive, cloud, other.  2. Make sure you have copies of all your software, either by having an account, a CD, downloaded copy, image, etc. 3. Keep your information organized.