Network and Wiring Services

networking-low-voltageLow Voltage Cabling is the backbone of our entire global network. No more than 24 volts, it runs devices such as your telephone, internet, FAX, DSL, fiber optics, alarms, audio, video, doorbells, and much more. If you are in an older building, if your telecom room looks like a bowl of spaghetti, if you are hearing other voices on the phone, or your internet keeps dropping, chances are you need to replace your current cabling and update your equipment.

At some point your network will need to be upgraded or serviced. HiTech Consulting LLC can design your business a new network, improve upon your existing one, or retrofit. As you can see, on our partners page, we have consulted and networked many businesses. If you are a fan of high quality service and having work professionally done right the first time, speak with us today for a free consultation. Your business performance is dependent on the right equipment, connections, and person optimizing your network.