Universal Keyboard Shortcuts

Knowing keyboard shortcuts can save you time and aggravation. For example, you may want to zoom in on a webpage to get a closer look at a photo. Instead of searching your web browser or the program in use for the zoom feature you can press Ctrl (Command for Mac users) +, and to zoom out Ctrl (Command) –.

Keyboard Shortcuts

Whether you have a laptop or a desktop, you will have a track pad or a mouse that will inevitably fail which will make pointing and clicking difficult. Think of it this way, you are working on a project that is due tomorrow, your mouse/track pad goes out and you are unable to save your work. If the computer shuts down you may lose all of your work; but if you know Ctrl (Command) S your work will be saved.

Listed below are some common Windows and Mac keyboard shortcuts that can save you time and help make your life just a little simpler. Be sure to check back next week for operating system specific shortcuts!

Universal Keyboard Shortcuts
Windows Command Function Apple Command
Ctrl C Copy Command C
Ctrl X Cut Command X
Ctrl V Paste Command V
Ctrl Z Undo Command Z
Ctrl Y
Ctrl Shift Z
Redo Command Y
Command Shift Z
Ctrl B Bold Command B
Ctrl I Italic Command I
Ctrl U Underline Command U
Ctrl S Saves Document Command S
Ctrl A Select All Command A
Ctrl R Reload Web Page Command R
Ctrl W Close Tab or Window Command W
Ctrl P Print Document Command P
Ctrl F Find Text Command F
Ctrl N Create New Document Command N
Ctrl Shift N Create New Explorer/Finder Folder Command Shift N
Ctrl + Zoom In Command +
Ctrl - Zoom Out Command -