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More people are searching and buying online now than any time in the history of the web. If you have a business to promote, a product to sell or just want to express your freedom of speech a website is a great way to get your information seen and heard. As easy as some companies make it seem to design and develop your own website, the truth is it can be a daunting and time-consuming task; time that can be better spent on running your business. Some things to consider: Who is your target audience? How are you going to drive them to your site? Why would they click on your site? What is going to keep them on your site once you get them there? We take the confusion out of website development. Our free one hour consultation will give us tools to develop a custom and visually aesthetic site that will drive traffic to your company.

There are many template-oriented companies that have pre-made sites that you just fill in the blanks. If you want your site to look or function outside these templates you need to know code. Our development team can customize code to fit your needs. The languages that we develop with are PHP, MySQL, CSS(3), HTML(5), JavaScript, and jQuery. Knowing how to code with different languages gives us the ability to truly customize your website. We also customize web applications and content management systems such as Word Press and Joomla.

After constructing your website to fit your needs, the next step is writing your content. Content needs to have elements that explain to the reader what you are selling, what information you are trying to express, while adding keywords to be recognized by the search engines. This leads into another element of site recognition called search engine optimization (SEO). Please follow the link to explore this art and how it drives traffic to your site.

Webdesign secondWebsite Hosting and Management. Website hosting is an integral part of having your website readily available to be viewed. Having the right company to host your site ensures maximum up time. If your website can’t be seen then what is the point of having one. We maximize your up time by having redundant servers, keeping your site visible even during peak usage.
After your website goes live and is seen by the world there will be changes and additions you may want. With our hosting packages, we provide your site with the necessary changes and additions to fit your needs.

Graphic Design Whether you need a logo design, photo manipulation or a symmetrical and balanced website, we can create visually stunning designs that will draw the reader’s attention and make them want to explore your whole site.