Wireless security and why you need it

There are numerous misnomers about why you need security on your wireless broadcast and what security protocol to use. There are 3 main security options in your wireless router, WEP, WPA, and WPA2. People have been hacking or cracking WEP security for years. This proven flawed security option was replaced by WPA. Although WPA has tighter security encryption than WEP, it too showed major vulnerabilities and was designed as an intermediary to WPA2. WPA2 uses Advanced Encryption Standard (AES) that supersedes its predecessors. To utilize its potential, you need to make a 25 digit code with letters, numbers, and characters.

So why is your wireless security important? The first thing most people think of is bandwidth. The slowing down of your internet speed is the most nonthreatening threat.

Here are some important threats. If someone can get through your wireless network they can then get into any computer on the network that holds your personal information like banking info, client lists, your documents, etc. A threat that people don’t think about is having hackers look at child pornography while logged into your network. Since risky sites like this are monitored by the authorities, all they have to do is look up the IP address that that is issued by your Internet Service Provider. At this point you are held responsible for materials viewed on your network

So, if you do not have a password protected wireless broadcast, it may be time to change your security settings to protect yourself, your company, and your files.